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What Our Clients Say About Us

~ Stephanie L.

“First, I want to say thank you to Dr. Pearson. I couldn’t have done it without you. I have always been pretty active and knowledgable about organic eating and staying away from harmful chemical products.  However, at the age of 32 sitting at a desk and working long hours and 6 days a week finally caught up to me. Exercise and good eating habits were thrown out the window. I began to gain weight and within 1 year I had gained 30lbs. My next decision was to either buy bigger clothes or get a handle on it. I came across the New Medicine Foundation and after consulting with Dr. Pearson, I immediately sign-up. I started off with the Basic Healing Program, which consisted of a panel of test to include comprehensive blood work, adrenal and hormones as well as Dr. Pearson Detoxification program. I began to see immediate results not just on the scale but the way I felt. I felt great from the inside out.  It was a complete lifestyle change for me. I now work out at least 4 times a week and I follow the organic paleo diet. So the days of yo-yo dieting are gone. I am no longer fatigue or tired. I SLEEP GREAT NOW! It was a win-win situation for me. I am now a Healthstyle coach for NMF. I love helping people reach there goals thru detoxing and hormone balancing. Thank you NMF for getting me back to healthy and balance naturally!

~ Donna A.

‘When I was done with Dr. Pearson’s program, I invited Caroline Sutherland to call Dr. Pearson and pick his brain. Before I went out on a limb, I wanted to make sure I had her stamp of approval.
Other than Dr. Pearson, she has proven to be the only person that was the most knowledgeable in the area of hormone balancing. She called me later that day to tell me that they spoke and that she was very impressed. She thought I hit gold and I had to agree.
Several months later, Caroline made her yearly trek to South Florida and paid Dr. Pearson a visit.
He is now the new guru, someone we both have come to respect and admire. I was so impressed with him and his program, that I signed up to be an advocate for him.
I am now a Health Style Counselor for the New Medicine Foundation.  I am being a voice for you to hear. I am being a voice to educate the masses. Today at the age of 57, I feel like I am 20. It is only when I look in the mirror that I realize I am not. What a great feeling to wake every morning with such vitality and optimism. What a wonderful things it is to be able to go to bed at night and get a full night of uninterrupted sleep. I am truly a new person. I hope you will let me share what I have learned so that you can be too. ‘

Elly S.

“My amazing journey through the detox program. What can I say, my life is now better than ever! My energy levels have sky rocketed, I don’t need naps, and I love the way I look. I started this program 2 days before Thanksgiving only because I mentioned wanting to lose 5lbs. If you knew what I used to eat before, you would be shocked that I could even make this change! Monday, January 04, 2010 was my last day on the program and I lost a total of 21lbs. In size, I have lost inches in places I never knew I had any to lose. Everyone should take part in this journey of health. People tend to ignore the major issues going on in their bodies & remedy it with prescription medication – this is NOT the answer. One change in diet and hcG detox will cure most forever. I hope that through my experiences, it will convince others not to keep putting this program off. It works, and I feel great!  I’m looking forward to my new healthy lifestyle.”

Tim A.

“I am down to 191.2 lbs today and I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with this program. Let me start by saying that in the past 5 years I have been to 4 different Neurologists and 1 infectious disease Doctor, including a one week battery of tests at the Mayo Clinic. I can honestly say that since starting this protocol on 7-13-2009 I have felt better and have seen better results than anything I have done in the past 5 years! It has been an amazing 4 months! I started out at 237 lbs and today am at 191 lbs. with 2 more days left of my second round of detox. I should be at my goal of 190 lbs by the end of the week. I didn’t go into this expecting a complete cure for MS but I did expect to feel some kind of relief. My constant fatigue, stiffness and inflammation were getting me frustrated. It seemed as though nothing worked. I am not cured and I still do not walk very far without the use of a cane but I am definitely noticing a better quality of life. I didn’t get this way over night so I do not expect to reverse everything over night but I am confident that over time I will see more improvement. At least I will know I have done everything I can to keep my body in as good of health as possible from here on out.”

Heidi K., D.C.

“As a Chiropractor I thought I knew how to live a healthy lifestyle however, I learned so much more while I was on Dr. Pearson’s detox program.  After two children it was wonderful to lose the pregnancy weight, regain energy and feel healthy again.  My husband and I have benefited greatly but, most of all, our children will be healthier due to our lifestyle change.  I would highly recommend Dr. Pearson’s detox and I do recommend it to my family, friends and patients!”

Peggy B.

“I was hesitant to do Dr. Pearson’s program because I knew it would require some lifestyle changes I didn’t really want to make.  I was in good health (if you consider absence of symptoms good health), and did not feel I needed to lose any weight.  My wife had used Dr. Pearson’s program to address some health issues that we could not affect with chiropractic and acupuncture, and that we were not willing to address with drugs or surgery.  She twisted my arm and I agreed to do the 21 day program.  I was very surprised at how much my body craved the junk I had been putting into it.  Then I became surpised at how aweful that junk sounded by the end of the program.  It didn’t take long to see how much better I really could feel.  I didn’t realize how much more energy I could have.  I didn’t realize how much my next meal controled my time and daily decisions.  I was amazed at how much easier exercise became after losing some weight.  None of this should have surprised me, but it took experiencing it myself to really understand.”

Jeffrey J. F., DC

“I hope you will pass along to Dr. Pearson my sincere Thank You, for the generous time given to speak with me this morning. I didn’t mean to take up so much of his time. He was so very patient and I am grateful for that. After listening to his webinars online and then the phone conversation, I feel a page has turned in the way I look at lifestyle, nutrition and hormone balancing. I always thought I tried to live in a healthy manner, but there were pieces missing to the puzzle. Now I know that all the supplements I was taking, thinking they were so necessary to my health, were not touching the underlying issues that sabotaged my efforts. This next step is one I look forward to.”

~Maggie H

“They say, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ I take this philosophy very seriously these days. With a family history of obesity, diabetes, and a myriad of other health concerns, I was headed down a path of lifelong sickness and pain, and honestly, I couldn’t care less. However, after a few life changing events, I realized how important it is to take care of myself, here and now.

A full blood workup showed that though I was low on Vitamin B, D, and Iron, I was good to immediately begin the hCG detox. I decided to proceed with a full 45 day protocol, and I lost 40 lbs. of fat, and went from a size 18 to a size 12.

Through the entire process, I gained a ton of new attitude! My whole demeanor and outlook on life changed, and people have taken notice. I am more positive, I have SO much more energy, I am much more confident, I just feel good in general, and it keeps getting better every day!

The foods you put into your body, and the products you put onto your skin matter; all of it matters, and it should matter to you! This program will guide you through your journey to great health. You are not just investing in a product, you are investing in knowledge, new behavior and attitudes, and most importantly you are investing in more time to enjoy your family and friends, and really, truly live well!” A Special Thank You to Dr. Pearson and my coach Stephanie.


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