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Dr. Edward W. Pearson received his undergraduate training in Microbiology and Chemistry from the University of Florida, and his medical degree with an Academic Excellence Award from the University of South Florida, College of Medicine. He completed his internship from UC Davis in Sacramento in 2000. He became licensed and immediately began practicing as a primary care physician.

Displeased with what he saw in conventional medicine, after completing his internship and a short time in a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation residency, Dr. Pearson set out on his own to find the education that would teach him how to truly heal people and prevent the epidemics of chronic illness plaguing humanity. He is now becoming a worldwide expert in the field of truly integrated health care, was certified by the American Board of Holistic Medicine in 2005 / 2011, and receives ongoing training from the best educators in the world, to include the Institute of Functional Medicine and others.

Dr. Pearson founded the New Medicine Foundation in 2007, which has a global mission “To Elevate the Health and Health Education of Humanity.” The company has set out to correct the ailing health care systems not only in America, but worldwide. He feels very strongly that there is a complete lack of health education from our medical school systems to our health care system, and the conventional medical model has been corrupted with the profitability of our drug and surgery based emergency care system. Simply put, acute emergency care is not appropriate for preventive healthcare.

NMF is focused on global human health and health care restoration, and has created scientifically backed, evidenced based, natural biochemically balancing healing protocols, with comprehensive patient education as a necessary component of the healing process. NMF teaches its healing science, systems, and protocols to other physicians of all backgrounds. With treatments for any health condition, to include obesity, hormonal imbalances, infertility, cancer, and more, Dr. Pearson practices the way he feels most doctors should begin with comprehensive patient health and preventive testing and treatment.

Troubled by the massive drug rep and pharmaceutical industry, and on the inquiry by patients post treatment, he founded the Detoxification Network of America in 2008, which allows former patients to earn a career income by joining the ‘New Human Movement’ to help spread the word about NMF and counsel those in dire need of better health. Using virtual treatment, NMF physicians can treat patients around the globe.

NMF has hundreds of unique proprietary products that Dr. Pearson uses for his customized treatments, including pharmaceutical grade supplements and completely bio-identical and chemical free prescription compounds. He believes NMF’s CellCenter protocol is the best weight loss and detoxification system available today, and most of his clients return for annual programs for health maintenance.


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