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Weight Loss

The Healthy Way To Lasting Weight Loss

There is really only one healthy and lasting way to maintain an optimum body weight, by correcting the underlying imbalances AND lifestyle practices that created the weight gain to begin with.

Yes, a sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices are usually involved in people beginning to gain weight, and simply making appropriate dietary choices and maintaining and active and exercise filled lifestyle will usually result in losing unwanted weight and regaining a leaner body.

BUT, these days we are facing more and more severe underlying biochemical imbalances that make losing weight and maintaining the loss extremely difficult.  So many people simply cannot stop the weight gain process, food cravings, and energy problems that come along with it.

We are complex biochemical beings, and by understanding this biochemistry we can set about restoring balance in the body AND do this very quickly and effectively, resulting in dramatic weight loss and lasting effects.

As we understand how the body has become imbalanced and correct it with integrated and natural but very powerful medical tools and protocols, the body transforms back into what it was designed to be:  a very effective and powerful  machine that allows us to do more physically and feel great mentally!

Nutrition, hormonal balance, including thyroid dysfunctions, estrogen and progesterone imbalances, inflammatory and immune system problems, testosterone and growth hormone deficiencies, adrenal fatigue, vitamin and mineral requirements and more, all can have dramatic influences on how our bodies look and feel.

Starvation diets, weight loss fads, and most non-medical weight loss food systems actually make these problems WORSE, and set up a dangerous yo-yo cycle where most people gain MORE weight back than they lost, and in a very unhealthy more fat and less muscle ratio.  Bone loss can happen as well!

Weight can be lost very quickly, and 10-20 pounds a month is typical and expected, and HEALTHY!

Our methods:

Comprehensive and preventive laboratory testing.

Optimal and natural hormonal balancing.

Medical weight loss and detoxification protocols.

Optimal nutritional and supplement recommendations.

Integrated medical and lifestyle coaching.

Our weight loss programs last anywhere from 6 weeks to 12 months and healthy restore optimal weight with as much as 20 pounds per cycle.  Labs are rechecked at intervals to not only SEE the physical results but show the powerful internal biochemical changes being restored as well.

Most importantly, with New Medicine treatment your health is insured and you receive empowering education and knowledge to equip you for a healthy and lean lifestyle for years to come.


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