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Sermorelin Therapy

Sermorelin Therapy

Do you want to slow down the aging process or even better reverse the clock?

Sermorelin therapy is a natural way to reactivate your Human Growth Hormone
(HGH). Sermorelin is a peptide that helps your body naturally release HGH at the
levels your body can safely handle.

Some of the causes of HGH imbalance are:

Chronic stress

Sedentary lifestyle

What your diet consists of

Other hormone imbalances

Symptoms of HGH Imbalance:

Mood swings

Sleep problems

Weakened immune system

Increased LDL cholesterol


Memory loss

Monthly breakdown of the benefits you will receive from Sermorelin Therapy

Month 1

Deeper, more restful sleep

Stamina increased

Energy increased

More content state of mind

Month 2

Improves metabolism

Reduction in belly fat

Muscle tone starts to be restored

Improved skin elasticity

Stronger hair and nails

Month 3

Increase in motivation and ambition

Increased sex drive and performance

Mental focus increased

Flexibility and joint health increased

Month 4

Increased lean muscle mass

Weight loss continues

Increased mental accuracy and focus

Skin tone improves and fewer wrinkles

Hair and nails continue to improve

Month 5

Increased loss in belly fat

Feeling of wellbeing increased

Fuller, healthier hair becomes more noticeable

Month 6

Noticeable reduction in body fat (without diet or exercise)

Noticeable increase in lean muscle mass

Significantly improved physique

Increased vitality due to organ regrowth


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