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Proteinaholic: Break Down Part 7

First of all vegetarians and vegans need to eat less protein than their meat eating counterparts. Why?  it is because they process protein far more efficiently due to they ingest more probiotics and prebiotics which makes their floor more efficient at recycling nitrogen in order to make new proteins. I want everyone to put their Common Sense hats on for a minute. Our bodies have mass, they have finite limits. This means that our bodies can only “use”  so much protein in a given day. If that weren’t the case then we could go from 110 lb weaklings to 220 lb adonis’s overnight. That just doesn’t happen because no matter how much we want to feed or abused our body there are limits that get reached on a daily basis. So understanding that, applying that bit of Common Sense should tell you that at some point you just can’t use any more protein.

So just how much do we need? Well I’m going to stick with two groups to answer the question, the first group being your average adult age 20 to 60 in good health. The RDA suggest.8g/kg of lean body mass. Which is about half of what most Americans eat on a daily basis, which is why chronic illness is so prevalent in our country.

The second group is again 2260 in good health the exercise is moderately, let’s say four times a week. This group needs more protein because they are burning off more protein in their workouts. Study show they could benefit from 1g/kg  of lean body mass. Now there is one other factor to consider with this group. The time your body needs that protein the most is immediately following the workout. Studies show that magic number is 20 G of a post workout protein meal. Unfortunately are discussed for carbs keeps many of these gym rats from eating carbs with their protein which is just like filling your car with gas but not giving the motor any Oxygen to burn the fuel. Gas plus zero oxygen equals car not moving. people you do not need all the protein that the media has thrown at you. Too much protein is not good for you even though your body can only take so much anyway. I will say it again what is important is to eat carbs in their natural state and protein moderately. As a vegan I do not count calories or protein on a daily basis but just so I can have the data I did track my diet for a week and found that I eat about 60 to 70 grams a day and I do exercise moderately. Now you mediator should watch your protein intake because me is high in protein and calorie dense. You run a far greater risk of eating too much protein than that of a vegan or vegetarian.

I have already given you multiple health reasons why you should eliminate or at the very least greatly reduce your meat chicken and fish intake. You get all the protein you need more from a plant-based diet. There is one thing that vegans as a whole are deficient in and that is vitamin B12. However the real problem there is in organic vegetables are grown in soil that has been pesticide to death and unfortunately that kills bacteria which is where B12 comes from so an all-organic diet wouldn’t give you enough B12 if you can handle the bugs and worms that come with the pro produce

I refuse to listen to my wife who had watched “Forks Over Knives”  documentary because personally I just couldn’t imagine giving up steak, I lived for steak. What she didn’t do a good job of was explaining all the health concerns associated with eating that steak. Hallelujah though I have seen the light. The light which makes me healthier, stronger, happier and one where I will live longer to spend more activity time with my grandkids, once my daughter’s decide to make me a grandpa.


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