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Proteinaholic: Break Down Part 6

High protein diet Advocates suggest that eating more protein increases your metabolism because it causes your body to work harder in order to process the protein, this process is called the thermogenic effect. You cannot argue with this, it is actually true, however, what they do not tell you is that it only increases your metabolic rate about 1 to 2%, which translate into a whole 20 extra calories being burned.

Animal protein is calorie-dense, which means in order to get 30 grams you need to eat a 6 oz chicken breast but to get 30 G from plant-based that might be an entire plate of rice and beans and a sweet potato. Which of those two meals sounds more filling and satisfying? It is easier to stick with plant-based diet because you will never be hungry, not only are you getting good protein but you are also not starving your body of Life Giving carbs.

So if eating a high animal protein low-carb diets is so good, why is America overweight? In fact, over two-thirds of our population is considered obese and almost one-third is morbidly obese. It is because the science they want you to believe just is not science, it’s marketing docked by hundreds of millions of dollars that then influences not only our government but also our medical community.

if you have chosen to eat a low-carb high-protein diet because you are working out and want to quote unquote feed your muscles so they grow, please pay close attention. You’ve been told your muscles need protein to grow, this is very true. Here is where this concept of low carbs hurts you. If you deplete carbs your body will then take the extra protein you’re eating and turn it into fuel to keep your body running instead of giving it to your muscles to grow. You’ve just taken a big step backwards from where you wanted to be and what you thought was a good idea. Carbs are not your enemy. You need them to your body will use them as fuel so it can then metabolize the protein into amino acids to then feed your muscles. So what you really need is a low-fat, moderate carb, moderate protein diet just how much protein do you need? Let’s discuss that next.


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