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Proteinaholic: Break Down Part 4

Let us talk about Atkins diet for just a minute because that is about all it deserves. Atkins diet was so successful because he’s simply gave people what they wanted which happened to be a high-protein low-carb diet. A diet where bacon is good and fruit and vegetables is bad. I imagine the marketing team he originally hired was well over paid, my 11 year old daughter could have run that marketing campaign!

His book basically suggested that carbs create insulin, which is poison to your body, and causes your body to store fat. Well at first glance that’s actually accurate but what actions doesn’t let you know is that animal protein does the same and in fact raise insulin levels even higher.

So why do I lose weight initially with Atkins? Simple as I stated before your body’s choice for fuel is carbs, when you deplete carbs two things happen, your body converts stored  fat to fuel (ketosis), Your body can go into starvation mode, which actually reduces your urge to eat, and you there by consume less calories. So yes you will lose weight, it will not be a healthy way to do it and you will never be able to maintain it. Listen you can lose weight on an all  Oreo cookie diet but eventually your body is going to become malnourished.

What is so sad is that because Atkins marketing machine was so successful, it spawned a completely insane low-carb craze and other companies capitalizing on it, South Beach, Paleo Etc. people this is marketing and nothing more. I challenge you to find anyone who has stayed thin and more importantly become healthy. You may or may not know any vegetarians or vegans but one thing you will be hard-pressed to find is an overweight one that is unhealthy. Nobody in the history of medicine has walked into a doctor’s office desperate to lose weight because they are eating too many fruits and vegetables.

So you want to lose weight, I get it. When you rather get healthy, live longer, and the only major side effect is dramatic weight loss? To me that just seems a little  Better Math to me. Yes, I am suggesting a shift in what and how you eat, aren’t you worth it? Isn’t your family worth it? Do you want to one day be 70 and barely able to get around or 90 and very active? I do not have to think too hard about how I want to answer that question.

If you want to lose weight, it’s low-fat all the way. Do not focus on protein or carbs. Focus instead on moderate calories and Natural Foods yes fruit is good for you. There is not one scientific study done that claims fruit is bad for you. In fact, bananas may even be a superfood. They have completely perfect balance of proteins and carbs.

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