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Proteinaholic: Break Down Part 3

Blue zones was an article written in National Geographic in 2005  and profiled the five “longevity hotspots” around the world. I have already mentioned Okinawa and to keep this read short the results and diets for the other four are extremely similar, so take that, you carb hating trainers and dieticians, it is not your fault though, you have just been given all the wrong information. None of the Blue Zone Diets were Vegan but they all consisted mostly of a plant-based diet, only eating meat and dairy rarely as a luxury. 

Looking at the Blue Zones Is, in my opinion, the best way scientifically to validate that over eating protein and especially animal protein does not “Do A Body Good” this book is not about losing weight but lets touch on it for just a moment. How many many people do you know that have dieted with a low carb, high protein diet? How many of them actually kept the weight off after 90 days, 180 days, or even a year later? They never stick to this because your body craves carbs. It is the preferred food for the cells in your body. It is not possible to keep it up and then what happens to them? That is right they gain back all the weight and then some. Diets DO NOT WORK!

Yes you need to get your protein from plants fruits and beans. You can get far more protein from these foods than your body even needs. It is a lie that you need to eat beef or chicken or fish. Do not believe me go visit www.veganbodybuilder.com and then tell me you need animal protein in your diet. People tend to think vegans have a limited selection in the way of meal plans that it must get boring. Well not at all, there are over 300,000 edible plants and 150 are common all around the world. My menu at home is far more diverse than your meal based diet.

Listen to this, the United states spends almost twice as much per capita on health care as the next closest developed nation, Japan. However there are about 50 other countries whose citizens live longer than we do. How is that possible? That does not even seem kind of right but yet it is true. The answer is mostly in how much and what we eat. I bet you did not realize When you bought this book that you would be adding years to your life did you.

You will find hundreds of general practitioners out there who have turned away from mainstream medicine and their first prescription to their patients is to put them on whole plant-based nutrition. Please Google the 2011 very successful documentary  ” Forks Over Knives “, or if you want even more detailed information, siting case study upon case study Spend a little more and buy protein aholic buy Garth Davis MD. Who is a well-known bariatric surgeon. Weight loss is his business and he was like everyone else, snowed by the belief that protein was the key to a successful diet, he even used to prescribe it to his patients. Well I am happy to say not anymore, he is now a full-fledged vegan and urges anyone who will listen to change their ways.

In switching to plant-based whole food diet, you will see results in the first 30 days or so. You will have far more energy, you will start to see the decline in markers for some of the chronic illnesses you may have and eventually may do away with them all together. You will be smarter, okay maybe plant protein does not increase decrease your IQ but it will sharpen brain function and acuity. Something this fifty-year-old sees as a huge Improvement in the quality of my life. No more feeling the to Sleepy’s and now I have enough stamina to keep up with my wife, wink wink.

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Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It



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