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Proteinaholic: Break Down Part 1

Protein has truly become a drug, a legal one. The word “protein” over the last decade has become the holy grail of nutrition. It is heralded by the media and prescribed by a large part of the medical community. We are bombarded by “Eat More Protein” everywhere we look. Protein bars, Protein Drinks, Protein Snacks even Protein Vodka.

Yes, protein is a required macronutrient, but just one of them. We, somehow in this country, have gone from talking about food to breaking food down to the nutrient level. Eating more protein may be the worst advice we’ve ever blown into mainstream America. If Protein is on the front of the label, people automatically think this product must be good for me. The marketing term for this is the “Halo Effect” as a Wall Street Journal article puts it.

Think about this, the very product sold to people to lose weight is the exact same product repackaged and relabeled to gain weight. Now is that confusing? Does this make any sense at all? We have been brainwashed by what product manufactures want us to buy. Manufactures and industry councils pay million of dollars for scientists to do studies on their products.

Ok so BS alert going off here. If I am a scientist and I am hired by the Dairy Association to do a study on Protein in dairy products, am I going to write a study that shows clearly that Protein derived from dairy is bad for you? Um not if I am looking to actually be paid, I am not. Scientist are caught in a quagmire, they need to earn a living just like you and me but if their results aren’t favorable to folks writing the checks then the scientist finds himself standing in the unemployment line, thats is how souls are sold.

Wake up America! We are being sold a bad bill of goods. In the next few pages I will try to condense for you hundreds of pages of research materials into a short read.I know, if your like me, I just want the root information, tell me with sound reason why I should do something, give me the commonsense and the science behind it, back it with some realistic data and then i’ll decide if it passes the mustard or not.

I’m not just coming out against the digestion of protein, in the name of weight loss or weight gain but also that animal protein is actually causing multiple serious health problems in America such as hypertension, cancer,diabetes, heart disease, cataracts, irritable bowel syndrome and arthritis just to name a few. Large scale scientific studies of human populations and even new age laboratory science all confirm that protein, especially from animals is NOT the super macronutrient we have been lead to believe.

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