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Scientific advancements have made testing and treatment more naturally better than ever. Using this knowledge to focus on returning bodies back to health will not only avoid the expense and invasiveness of traditional medicine, but allow the people to understand more about their own bodies. Forward thinking physicians will teach them the why of what is ailing them instead of just prescribing something that may very well fail them physical and financially.
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Scientifically tested and NMF approved products including detoxification agents, bio-identical hormones, and nutritional.
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Dr. Pearson founded the New Medicine Foundation in 2007, which has a global mission “To Elevate the Health and Health Education of Humanity.

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KS, Illinois

I have done fairly well.  I have gained some weight back but my big news is that my Liver enzymes are normal for the first time in many years.  I have contacted Bianca and have another 45 day hcg protocl ordered.  So in about another week I will be starting.

Dustin S.

“I am very impressed with the program for its ability to detoxify your body resulting in weight loss.  Furthermore, the reshaping it did was incredible, the weight loss I had was mainly fat and the measurements proved that.  My body reset itself and works very hard to maintain at that level.  I am doing the program one more time with the objective to take away the balance of my unwanted weight.  I thank Pearson for the opportunity to do this program and their help and  support before, during, and after!


Thank you again so much.  You are always so helpful.  I am going to try to get everyone I know to turn to you to become healthy.  You’re the BEST!!

Nancy M

“The program has taught me “how to eat.”  It taught me what a healthy diet really is. It helped me evolve the discipline I need for health eating in the years to come. It taught me portion control and that I can be satisfied eating the proper foods with reasonable portions.”


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